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CliniCore Labs

CliniCore Labs specializes in small volume blood sample testing for hormones. CliniCore strives to use Superior Science to Create Quality Patient Care.


As a start up company,  AML continues to develop CliniCore's brand by designing all marketing material, account documents, and website.

Umbono Eyewear

Umbono Eyewear, whose motto was based on Vision Precision and Style was a designer eye wear company. 


Projects: Stationary, packaging, signage, and brochure.  

TINI Shot Glasses

TINI shot glasses is a company that sells quality shot glasses in all colors of the rainbow.  Quality shot glasses with a colorful display. 


Projects: Mailing brochure, double truck ads, and packaging.  


Print Design

Traverse Magazine

Design and Photography 

by: Allison lawless

Design and Photography 

by: Allison lawless

Ragalia Magazine
Stress Management Brochure

Illustrations and Design

by: Allison lawless


Logos and Illustrations

Logo Designs
Illustration Designs

CMS Development

SEO Optimization

Email Integration




Social Media

Email Marketing




Brand Development

Logo Design



Brand Guidelines 

Print Design

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We focus on your unique brand story and bring the personality of your business to life. AML Designs is a one-stop shop covering everything you'll need to quickly and effectively establish your company in new consumer markets. 


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