Facebook Groups | A Powerhouse for Content Marketing

By Allison Lawless

Facebook Groups are Powerful Marketing Tools

Facebook groups help you build free content marketing and trust within your marketplace. Recent studies have shown that Facebook groups are becoming just as important as having a business page according to Adespresso!

Content marketing has become the best form of marketing to consumers, so it's no wonder Facebook Groups have risen to match the value of Facebook Business Pages. They are online communities that use content marketing to engage with people looking for solutions in your marketplace.

Sounds a lot like the perfect marketing platform to utilize the power of content marketing.

How Do Facebook Groups Work?

As a compliment to your business page and your content marketing strategy you'll want to create a linked Facebook group with relevant topics to your products or services. Facebook groups are not for selling, but for sharing knowledge and creating valuable solutions for your consumers to create long-term customer relationships.

Setting Up Your First Facebook Group

Since it's your first Facebook group, you'll want to link it to your Facebook business page. Use keywords to choose the name of your group. You'll want to make sure your message is clear and using keywords that illustrate what your consumers are needing solutions on. You're providing your members with answers to relevant questions they have in your market. From here you'll want to set up topics and start sharing.

Engage Consistently

Eventually you're group will grow large enough that members will consistently post relevant content, participate in discussions, and create a community that is evergreen. However, in the beginning stages it's crucial to constantly schedule content driven posts, articles, polls, and engage in group discussions. Using the welcome message feature to thank your new members for joining is another great way to engage with your group.


Be sure to create rules for your Facebook group so members know that disrespect, privacy violations, and/or self promoters are not allowed. Neglecting to set up this feature could cause damage to your groups reputation.

Host Facebook Watch Parties

By utilizing the watch party feature on a regular basis you can increase activity and engagement. Watch parties are great for interacting on a personal level. Be careful to set up a good staging area that's appropriate for your topic.

If you're group is offering business solutions then you won't want to be lounging around the house with gym shorts on. Instead be creative! Go to a public lobby of a 7 story building overlooking the city. Or create your own backdrop with a simple sheet. Sylvester Stallone did an entire series of YouTube videos on the success of his career with a simple black curtain and black T-shirt. Simple doesn't mean your lacking in creativity.

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