The 411 On Content Marketing

By Rob Gilliam

Developing a powerful content marketing strategy is essential to the success of any SEO campaign and is the most effective way to grow organic website traffic. Just writing a blog, sharing a video, or creating a social post is not enough. Every piece of content you publish must be well thought, researched, and have a purpose. In this overview we provide the basics of content marketing and the strategy you will need to successfully launch and execute a campaign.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the distribution of informative or educational content with the intent of building brand awareness and/or loyalty to a brand or product. It is not a direct advertisement for a product, but answers to questions that potential customers are asking within your relevant area of expertise.


An umbrella company puts out a weekly forecast newsletter. The newsletter has no mentioning of umbrellas, but is known for being well-researched and accurate.

People that read the newsletter are more likely to have an interest in the weather and are more likely to purchase umbrellas. When a reader needs to purchase a new umbrella, he or she will recognize this company as a trusted name and will be more likely to purchase their product.

Why is Content Marketing So Important?

Content marketing is a long term play, but it is an extremely important digital marketing strategy. While you may not see a large immediate return on published content, what you publish will continue to drive organic traffic to your site for years to come.

Web traffic does not just happen. There must be a driving factor to bring individuals to your site. PPC campaigns are useful for an instant return, but every visitor will cost you valuable marketing dollars. Establishing a solid content marketing foundation will ensure that you drive organic (free) traffic to your site.

7 Steps to Developing an Effective Strategy

1. Determine your objectives

2. Determine how to differentiate yourself

3. Define and know your audience

4. Ensure you are answering the right questions

5. Build links

6. Measure and track effectiveness

7. Provide quality content

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Final Thoughts

After you grasp the concept of content marketing, you can now start pushing out your marketing campaigns with a strategy that works!

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