How We Improved This Mobile App's Brand and Online Presence

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Case Study

In May of 2019 Rohan, the founder of NDORSE, a real-time employee recognition solution reached out to AML for marketing assistance in the hopes to improve their brand awareness and online web presence.  We designed a solution that showcased their brand and services that in turn increased their sales and revenue within just 2 months. 

Here's how.

The Challenge


NDORSE needed a marketing campaign that pushed their online reputation forward and that matched the quality of their mobile-based application. They did not want to grow sales rapidly like many of our other clients. Instead, their focus was to gradually increase brand awareness by implementing a marketing strategy that would evolve based on the data they received from each campaign.

The Solution

For the first month, we created a marketing campaign across several social networks that promoted a community approach and data-driven messaging strategy. This set the base for their brand messaging strategy and created the foundation for increasing their brand awareness and user engagement. 

The second month, we focused on expanding their marketing efforts through video announcements and informational email templates. Their client's loved the marketing strategy because they were also benefiting.

Within two months time, the NDORSE App increased their engagement rate on each social platform by an average of 64%.

Services We Offered

Branded Development

Brand Messaging

Brand Colors


Community Engagement

Marketing Strategy

3 social networks

Messaging Strategy

Transparent Scheduling System

Scheduled Posts

Branded Posts



Developed Online Presence
Increased Brand Awareness
Brand Consistency

We help medical professionals and consulting firms build their brand and web presence into a powerhouse of growth by improving their brand message with responsive websites and brand-focused marketing strategies.

Design + Functionality + Brand Messaging = Guaranteed Success

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