This Podcast's Following and ROI Grew 2x It's Previous Rate

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Case Study

In the summer of 2019 Tatum Gardner, founder of Nola Famous, a New Orleans original celebrity podcast show, called us to help create a better onboarding process for sponsors and level up their marketing strategy. We designed a solution that not only increased their engagement and listening base but also helped bring in high-end profitable sponsors. 

Here's how.

The Challenge


Nola Famous needed to revamp their brand image so that their social presence matched the prestige of the interviewees that are hosted on the show. Their previous graphics were outdated in design and heavy in type within the graphics and their organization for scheduling and onboarding sponsors was almost nonexistent. That's where we came in.

The Solution

First, we created a marketing campaign across several social networks that promoted each guest pre-interview and post-interview, to maximize engagement. This set the base for their marketing strategy and created the foundation for increasing brand awareness and their listening base, which in turn would allow for more profitable sponsorships.

Within two months' time, NOLA Famous increased its engagement rate by 52% and increased the number of downloads by 34%, while bringing in Pj's Coffee of New Orleans... their most profitable sponsorship yet.

Services We Offered

Branded Development

Brand Messaging

Brand Colors


Community Engagement

Marketing Strategy

3 social networks

Messaging Strategy

Transparent Scheduling System

Scheduled Posts

Branded Posts



Developed Online Presence
Increased Brand Awareness
Brand Consistency

Increased # Downloads

Increased Profit

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